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Twenty whole, excellent physical condition. In a crowd of whistles, the groom handed the gift box to Cheng Yin, which contained two hand-painted couple T-shirts, white bottom, the sky is the new couple's own words, full of blessings.

Twenty whole, excellent physical condition. In a crowd of whistles, the groom handed the gift box to Cheng Yin, which contained two hand-painted couple T-shirts, white bottom, the sky is the new couple's own words, full of blessings. The bridegroom patted Shen Yanqing on the shoulder and said, "OK, brother, it doesn't look very good. I didn't expect it to be quite good!" Cheng Yin giggled aside. When the bridegroom walked away, Shen Yanqing was upset: "I can't look at it." She shrugged her shoulders. After playing a few games, Cheng Yin and Shen Yanqing mostly sat aside and did not participate. Cheng Yin has been smiling when the audience, Shen Yanqing holding a glass of wine, a drink. As he watched, he suddenly leaned close to her ear. "Do you want a drink?" Cheng Yin, "I can't drink." "I know you can't drink it." He said, "But I can." The next second, he kissed her lips, and the faint smell of wine spread between his lips and teeth. The people around were so busy that no one noticed them sitting in the corner. Shen Yanqing was very restrained and quickly let go of her. He raised his lips and asked, "Is it sweet?" The brewed rice wine has low alcohol content and sweet taste. Cheng Yin was speechless for a moment. He glared at him and crushed his feet heavily. He was relieved when he saw him frowning in pain. Back to the villa after playing, Cheng Yin went into the bathroom to take a bath. With the experience of the previous day, this time Shen Yanqing came in halfway,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, and she calmed down a lot. Shen Yanqing hugged her from behind, Cheng Yin was fumigated by the heat, pulled his arm, fruitless, with a trace of anger mercilessly patted his arm several times. Focus again. She slanted him. "Do you like masochism?" "Whether you like it or not." Cheng Yin ignored him and hid in the heat. He whispered in her ear, "Was the wine good?" She slanted her head. "So so." He seemed to smile. The next second, he raised his hand and turned her face away, bowed his head and kissed her. It's different from the little kiss in someone else's yard before. After a while,Magnesium Oxide powder, he let go a little and said, "I just drank some red wine. What do you think of the taste?" His breath sprayed on her neck. She slanted her head: "Shen Yanqing!" His voice was hoarse. "I won't touch you." The mouth said, but the behavior was ambiguous. Cheng Yin lost most of her strength, blushed, and held her wrists together with his iron-like arms across her own waist. She frowned, her breathing was out of control, and her eyebrows wrinkled uncomfortably. Shen Yanqing.. She began to tremble, unable to move at all, and could only lean on his arms completely. Shen Yanqing's eyes went down along her collarbone, bit by bit. In the heat, he bit her earlobe and said in a hoarse voice, "Don't be nervous." A "reserved" torture, until the extreme, just finally ended. Cheng Yin lay sideways and closed his eyes for a long time without falling asleep. Without opening his eyes, but hearing the movement in the darkness, Shen Yanqing lay down on the other side, caustic calcined magnesite ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, leaned toward her, and hugged her like yesterday. Fuck off He stood still. It's a good way to improve sleep to vent and sleep better after a good time-he didn't really go to the end in the bathroom, but what he said was shameless. Shen Yanqing kept holding her and remained motionless. Two men could be heard breathing in the darkness. I do not know how long, he said: "Cheng Yin." She didn't answer. He didn't care. He moved his throat and asked, "Has Rong Xin ever hugged you like me?" Cheng Yin, with his eyes closed, pursed his lips and said a few seconds later, "So what if you have? So what if you don't?" He was silent, and then he sighed. …… Not so good. What if you have? What if you don't? Shen Yanqing did not speak again. It was dark and quiet again. I don't know how long it was before he heard her make a sound. No Her low voice is very light in the night, but very clear: "I and Rong Xin, never." Chapter 37 this story is pure fiction. After staying in the homestay village for one day and two nights, on the morning of the third day, Cheng Yin and Shen Yanqing set out to go back as they had agreed before they came. After getting off the plane, Shen Yanqing drove Cheng Yin to the downstairs of the apartment. She put her hand on the door lock and paused: "I'm going up. Goodbye." Shen Yanqing gave a hum. No one said a word more. Cheng Yin pulled open the car door and went down without looking back. The car behind her did not leave immediately, she entered the elevator, the door slowly closed, he was in the car, completely isolated in sight. Cheng Yin left a few days, little Yang Gang has been in Shen Yanqing's side, by Shen Yanqing arranged to look after. After Shen Yanqing went back, he asked someone to send little Yang Gang back to her. A few days did not see, little Yang Gang more and more stick to Cheng Yin, temporarily there is no need for her to bother about things, she will put all her energy on little Yang Gang. During the day, he went to Qin Jiao to help, and in the afternoon, he arrived at the primary school on time to pick up Xiao Yanggang from school. Perhaps after the last painting incident, the teacher publicly named some of the restless children who caused trouble. After that, no more students bullied little Yang Gang. Not to the time when the tide surges, the days are peaceful, Cheng Yin really leisurely down, every day at home, Qin Jiao there and between the primary school three points and one line. Shen Yanqing, as he said, did not appear in front of her again after returning from the residential village. Another afternoon, Cheng Yin picked up little Yang Gang, he did his homework in the living room, the kitchen small fire stewed soup, she lay on the sofa to accompany him, convenient to teach him to do his homework at any time. Playing TV will interfere, and Cheng Yin, who is not too addicted to the Internet, is bored and can only play with his mobile phone. Brush the micro-blog, see the latest developments, fingers on the screen at random, she was about to exit, an entertainment gossip suddenly came into view. An entertainment blogger posted a scandal about an actress. The actress, named Bai Jialin, is a popular little flower. She has been on the stage for seven years. The TV dramas she starred in have always been well received,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, and she is one of the most popular among little flowers. Bai Jialin's love life has always attracted the attention of netizens and fans, especially in the past year, there have been more and more speculations about her boyfriend. Now the mystery is finally "broken".


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